Silverdale is a tale of two parts – the first an extensive play area and pretty boating lake and the second a beautiful and secluded historic glen.

The main focal point of the children’s playground is the water-powered carousel, which is as popular now as it was in the Victorian era.

The waterwheel that drives the carousel originally came from the Foxdale Mines. When the mines were closed the wheel was transported to Silverdale and reinstalled to provide the power needed to drive the ride-on horses.

Silverdale also boasts a large grassy paddock, which provides space for ball games and picnicking, and visitors will enjoy spending an hour or two on the water by hiring a boat.

The Silverdale Glen, which is owned by the Manx National Trust, has well laid out paths that lead past small waterfalls and through dense woodland. Look out for the Medieval Monks Bridge in Ballasalla, which links Silverdale Glen to the historic Rushen Abbey, and the Monks Well which is a perfect place to throw in a few pennies and make a wish.

On site you’ll find a restaurant and well-stocked gift shop. and don’t forget to pay a visit to the Craftworks Studio where you can relax by painting pottery creations.