As part of its ongoing review of service provision, the Department of Infrastructure Housing Division and Public Sector Housing providers in the South of the island have formed a Southern Area Housing Working Group to work closely together in order to investigate, modernise and improve service delivery of Housing.

One of the initiatives being explored by the Group is that of a Shared Waiting List and Shared Allocations, meaning that in the future applicants may have considerably more choice over the number, location and type of property available to them.

Terms of Reference have been signed by Arbory Parish Commissioners, Castletown Commissioners, Malew Parish Commissioners, Port Erin Commissioners, Rushen Parish Commissioners, Santon Parish Commissioners and the Department of Infrastructure is at present exploring how to make this a reality.

During the initial stage of this review, each of the aforementioned Housing providers in the South will be writing to applicants held on their respective Waiting Lists during the week of 15th February to explain how this will be conducted.

Another aspect the Group is actively exploring is opportunities within the procurement of repairs and maintenance of the housing stock of more than 1,350 dwellings within the South.