Please find following statement from Mrs Knighton. Mrs Knighton was to stand down after her term of office was due to expore at the end of April 2020, however due to the coronavirus emergency and the postponement of elections, the term of office for all Commissioners was extended until next April:


I am immensely proud of the time I spent as a Malew Commissioner and I would like to say that I enjoyed most of my time there.

From my first appointment I spent a lively time with the then Board.  I did not always agree with everyone, but nor should every Board member agree with all the others because it is a board of elected individuals who come into local politics with different views.

The large number of resignations last year severely affected the operation of the Board.  I was encouraged that it was my place to remain and guide the new members as much as I could.  This was difficult for me as my family and I were traveling backwards and forwards from Scotland as we were planning eventually to move permanently, all of which was done at my own expense.  I do not regret it at all I felt it was my duty to the people of Malew and I hope I managed to serve them well.

Being a Commissioner was not easy especially while trying to run 4 businesses, but I would happily do it all again.

I would encourage anyone wishing to become a Commissioner to put themselves forward in particular the younger residents, It can be very frustrating but it is also very satisfying, if I could give one suggestion to anyone I would say ‘stand up for whatever you believe and do not let anyone push you around.’

I wish the board all the best and I hope they will try and put the future of Malew first before their own agendas.

I thank the residents of Malew for giving me the chance to serve as a Commissioner.


Mrs J Knighton