Malew rates remain at 175p

Malew Parish Commissioners are pleased to announce that the rates levied for the forthcoming financial year 2016/17 will remain at 175p.

It has been 10 months since the Commissioners took over the transferred services from the Department of Infrastructure. The Commissioners now have control over the road sweeping, weed spraying and hedge cutting (except for the A3 & A5) which the Board believes have been a very positive step and has resulted in programme of sweeping and spraying that hasn’t been seen for some time. A major capital project in the addition of street lighting in the Balthane Estate has been completed. This has proved to have been welcomed by the businesses and visitors of the Estate. The administration at Malew Commissioners has continued to demonstrate efficiency improvements, whilst also delivering new initiatives.

Looking forward to the next financial year we will continue with improvements to the transferred services and target those areas of need. There are changes to the structure of how Local Authorities are charged for waste and this has shown a slight increase in cost to Malew. However, it is positive that domestic waste will no longer be subject to the Waste Escalator charge which included the capital costs for providing the EfW plant which would have seen domestic waste taken to the plant being charged at around £170 per Tonne by 2018/19. Commercial waste disposal is to rise to £165 per Tonne. The contribution made by Malew to the Southern Civic Amenity Site remains unchanged.

Malew Commissioners encourage local residents to take a keen interest in our business. The updated website has attracted a large number of views since its launch in October 2015.

The Commissioners would like to remind all residents of the Local Authority General Elections that are taking place on 28th April 2016. Please ensure you are registered to vote. You can do this by calling into the Commissioners Offices.