The Malew Commissioners unanimously agreed that this years Rates will remain at 199p after careful consideration of the current and projected finances.
Despite increased costs for this year notified from the Southern Civic Amenity Site (an additional £21k totalling £133k p.a.) and The Southern Swimming Pool (an additional £14k totalling £24k p.a.) which we as a Local Authority are obliged to pay. Both entities have the support of the Commissioners for their endeavours and services provided for the benefit of the Parish Communities.

Government waste disposal increased costs (1.95%) will be passed onto Commercial customers but our collection charge will remain the same.
An increase in our total rateable value income due to new residential and commercial developments coming on stream, will contribute to offset these imposed increased costs, although these developments still require to be serviced at cost.

Whilst we will be unlikely to expand our services as anticipated this year, we will be able to maintain our current services, along with out-sourced contractors.
Good economical planning of this years budget, which is set very tight with very little surplus, will be required.

The last rates rises in Malew were in 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 rising to 185p then to199p.

There should be some comfort that we are not adding to the burden of the “ Covid” increases ,that must have affected many ratepayers budgets moving forward into 2022