Malew Commissioners unanimously agreed that this year’s rates will remain at 199p after careful consideration of the current and projected finances.

Like many, the Commissioners is not immune to the increases in costs, and this is reflected in the increases in contributions to the Civic Amenity Site, the gate fee at the Energy from Waste Plant and a provision for the Southern Swimming Pool.

A rise in the total rates collectable due to new residential and commercial developments coming on stream and a reduction in operating costs, has assisted to offset these increases. However, these new developments still require to be serviced and we will do so with our current provision in conjunction with out sourced contractors.

This should be some comfort to residents of the parish that we are not adding to cost of living increases that continues to affect all ratepayers’ budgets.

Additionally, the Commissioners is aware of the recent press release regarding Ballasalla Medical Centre. The provision of GP services within the parish is extremely important and we will be discussing the situation with Manx Care in due course.