The Board of Malew Parish Commissioners has announced that the local authority rate for the forthcoming financial year 2024/5 will remain unchanged at 199p.

An increase in income due to new residential and commercial developments within the parish, coupled with administrative savings and having major borrowings on a fixed rate rather than variable and therefore unaffected by recent rate rises, has enabled the Board to balance the budget without an increased burden on the ratepayer. This is despite the increases being levied on the local authority such as 8.08% increase in waste disposal. Malew Commissioners are also faced with increases in contributions to the Southern Swimming Pool and the Southern Civic Amenity Site, however these are important amenities for the South and need to be sufficiently funded.

The overall Rates Demand that residents receive will show that Commissioner’s element of that bill is just 26%. This is in contrast to the 73% of that bill that is paid to Manx Utilities for water and sewerage.  The remain 1% is paid to the Malew Burial Ground. A typical property with a rateable value of 150pp is as below:

Commissioners                       £298.50

MUA Water                            £435.15

MUA Sewerage                       £397.35

Burial Ground                         £12.00


Total                                       £1143.00



Over the next financial year, the Commissioners are planning ways to improve the level of the appearance of the public open spaces by engaging contractors and also exploring a more collaborative approach with neighbouring authorities.

The close working ties with Port Erin Commissioners continues to be of benefit to both authorities and plans to improve the resilience of the joint refuse service are underway.

A reminder that nominations for the inaugural Community Involvement Award as previously publicised should be made by Monday 5th February 2024.

Community Involvement Award 2023


Malew Commissioners would like to invite Parishioners’ Nominations.

Acknowledging an Individual or Individual’s Outstanding Community Involvement in making exceptional contributions through their volunteer work and dedicated efforts fostering a positive change within our Parish’s Community.


This Award celebrates a deserving individual who you consider embodies the core values of selflessness, and active community spirit of engagement.


Devoting their time and talents to make a profound impact on our community over the past year or inspiring others to join in collective efforts for the greater good.


Please click here for form:   Community Award

No rise in rates for Malew

Malew Commissioners unanimously agreed that this year’s rates will remain at 199p after careful consideration of the current and projected finances.

Like many, the Commissioners is not immune to the increases in costs, and this is reflected in the increases in contributions to the Civic Amenity Site, the gate fee at the Energy from Waste Plant and a provision for the Southern Swimming Pool.

A rise in the total rates collectable due to new residential and commercial developments coming on stream and a reduction in operating costs, has assisted to offset these increases. However, these new developments still require to be serviced and we will do so with our current provision in conjunction with out sourced contractors.

This should be some comfort to residents of the parish that we are not adding to cost of living increases that continues to affect all ratepayers’ budgets.

Additionally, the Commissioners is aware of the recent press release regarding Ballasalla Medical Centre. The provision of GP services within the parish is extremely important and we will be discussing the situation with Manx Care in due course.