Malew rates rise to 185p


Malew Parish Commissioners announce that the rates levied for the forthcoming financial year 2019/20 will be 185p. This is the first increase since 2015.


The Board has worked hard to keep risings costs to minimum over the past few years, but there are a number of increases on the budget for the forthcoming year, some as a result of Central Government policy, that are beyond the control of the Authority:


Increase in waste disposal charges of 5.79%

Increase in contribution to the Southern Amenity Site of 5.7%

Increase in employers pension contributions of 1%

Increase in Public Service Commission pay of 2.5%

Removal of the NI Contracted out rebate of 3.7%


Unfortunately, the cumulative effect of these has meant that we will have to increase the rates payable. The increase on the annual rate demand is approximately £15 for an average property.

The Board is keen to press on with improvements to the current services and facilities it provides. Recreational areas are important to the local community and it’s with this in mind that the children’s play equipment at the Commissioners field at Feigh Keign, Abbots Way, will be replaced and remodelled to create a great usable outdoor space. The proposals for the area can be seen on our website and Facebook page. The work is due to commence in the spring.

Also, the Board has entered into an agreement with Port Erin Commissioners to jointly purchase and operate a refuse collection vehicle which is scheduled to come into service in June of this year. Hopefully, this will be the first in a number of collaborations with our near neighbours.


Issued by Malew Parish Commissioners

30th January 2019