The Commissioners have taken the decision to not to continue with the Grass Collections using the orange bins.

This decision was made after a number of factors were taken into consideration: The grass that was collected in the orange bins had been taken to the Southern Civic Amenity Site where is was deposited free of charge. It was then composted and made available as compost for purchase. However, this is no longer the case. The green waste deposited is now charged for and is not composted. Therefore, there is no value in continuing with the dedicated orange bin collections. No other local authority in the island has a dedicates grass collection.

There are alternatives for residents for green waste. You could bag it and take it to the Southern Civic Amenity site where you will still be able to dispose of it free of charge or compost it in your garden ( a composter can be purchased from the Amenity Site or local garden stores).

When your orange bin is next full, please leave it out with your green bin on the usual collection day. Our staff will then empty the bin and take it away.